Something Strange…




Someone is sending out bogus emails that claim to be from Rochford District Councillor James Cottis.

We heard about this yesterday – it’s now reported in the Echo.

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  • At least it appears to be a harmless prank. Did it take place on April 1st?

    Seriously though, It does show how easy it would be for a more malicious person to have sent something harmful in Cllr Cottis’s or any other name.

  • On the face of things it does sound like a prank or a spoof in bad taste but it has obviously upset James. I was a little suprised to read that it was being formally investigated by Essex Police and that only suggests to me that there is more to this than the facts of the Echo Report. I hope that the investigations of James’ concerns reach a positive outcome and it is stopped. I am acutely aware of the pressures that Members can be exposed to. Good Luck James.

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