Now Local Conservatives Want To Tax You TWICE!




It’s election time and the desperation to pull the wool over your eyes is in full swing in the Conservative party.

Yes, the latest election gaslighting material they have published suggests that the District Council should fund the £80k highways rangers service. They forgot to tell you though,  you are already paying Essex County Council to maintain the highway and it’s their Conservative chums that had cut the budget from the District Council.

When the Conservatives Essex County Council cut the funding, it was the Liberal Democrats that fought back, challenging the decision through the ‘call in’ process.

Conservative Essex County Councillors Steptoe, Shaw and Lumley all went along with the decision to defund the Districts rangers service!

Here’s more on how your Liberal Democrat County Councillor tried to save the service.

Last week I tried to save cuts of £860,000 in public services and failed

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