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If you have a look at our theme-switcher – that’s the box marked ‘choose the layout you want to see’ – you can tell that we’ve made some changes.

1. First of all, our standard theme is now called Basic-Onlinefocus.

2. Below that is the ‘default’ theme. It’s a simple one that comes as standard with the software we are using.

3. Then we have a theme we’ve now called “Easy-To-Read”. It used to be here under the name of “Boxy-But-Gold”. We’ve brought it back under a new name because it was indeed popular with readers who needed a layout that’s easy to read.

4. After that we have a selection of other themes that our readers might like – including the popular ‘Tulip Time’

Now, all of these themes will have similar content in their sidebars. At the very least, when we have finished tweaking them, they will have all the content that’s in the left-hand sidebar of our Basic theme.

But there’s hopefully a lot more to come. We are going to try adding some other themes that will still have all our posts, still have all your comments, and still have the essential stuff in one sidebar. But their overall appearance and some of the other content will reflect particular interest. One might specialise on local history, another in local sport, another might have a lot of Lib Dem links.

As always your suggestions, comments, or information about any layout problems will be gratefully received.

About the author, admin

  • Internet Explorer 7 appears to work better with this website than the version 6 I have at work. The formatting all works correctly, with no large blanks in the side panels.

  • Admin, Where has Lindey gone?
    I noticed today that lindsey’s photograph is missing from the left hand column of the site, entitled ‘WHO WE ARE’. Have there been changes that I have missed?

  • ‘Lindey’ is still around but has come off the editorial team, at least for now. We’ve also added the little symbols on people’s comments (each one is unique to the writer) and added our first extra theme called ‘Investigator’ that has extra local data in the sidebar.

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