So Who’s Standing Where?




Not much time to write tonight, we have some election leaflets to finish off , but you can find the list of candidates here, with everyone’s name , address and party label.

Here are the Lib Dem highlights:

Downhall Ward, Rayleigh – Ron Oatham and Bruce Smart have been re-elected unopposed onto Rayleigh Town Council! No district election this year.

Grange Ward, Rayleigh – Chris and June Lumley have been re-elected onto Rayleigh Town Council (as independents) with one Conservative. No district election this year.

Sweyne Park Ward, Rayleigh – the District election looks like being a close contest between Pat Putt for us and Joan Mockford for the Tories, with an English Democrat as an unknown factor.
– The Town Council contest has 3 Lib Dems (Lindsay Frend, Mike Nobes and Trevor Parrett) facing 3 Conservatives, competing for 3 seats

Wheatley Ward, Rayleigh District Council – Onlinefocus regular Corey Vost stands against the sitting Tory John Pullen.
– Town Council – Corey and 3 Conservatives compete for 3 seats

Trinity Ward, Rayleigh District Council – Mark Pearson stands in an intriguing 4-way contest with the Conservatives, English Democrats and Labour. Could the English Democrats finish ahead of the Tories here?
Town Council – 3 Tories elected unopposed.

Whitehouse Ward, Rayleigh District Council – Chris’ wife Elena Black has a re-run of her contest of 4 years ago against Tory Simon Smith, this time with the English Democrats standing as well.
Town Council – 3 Tories and 1 Labour candidate , Alison Mayor, contest 3 seats. (Look out for a Labour leaflet in Latin!)

Central Ward, Rayleigh Mike Nobes stands against Tory Tony Humphries.
Town Council – no contest, 3 Tories elected unopposed.

Ashingdon and Canewdon Maybe this is the most interesting ward of the lot. A three-way contest between Lib Dem Valerie Stanton, a Green candidate and the Tory Leader of the Council , Terry Cutmore.

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  • Well with 10 days to go I would like to wish all those libdems standing for local issues all the best in this election. We have all seen the tories making disparaging remarks about us in their leaflets, talking about national issues. We are here for local issues not national issues. We have no control over these national issues but what we can do is give local people a better place to live in and what I have seen while out talking to residents is that they are ready to give someone else a chance. It is about time that we had a democratic open local council where every one was given the chance to air local views. The one thing I am completely against is the cabinet system that the Tories love so much, this mutes anyone who has an opposing view and is very undemocratic.

    Good luck to all LibDems

  • Hello all

    According to my friend over in the east, Valerie Stanton’s literature is caused a bit of fuss in Canewdon/Stambridge. It is focused on the housing allocation for the 2 villages. However, it is assuming that the Parish Councils oppose this. Although Canewdon Parish have no specific housing policy and do object, Stambridge Parish have a housing policy, based on a village survey, which would support housing at the old mill site, as an alternative to industry (but no where else in the village). The leaflets also imply that all Tory councillors supported the housing allocation. Apparently, the other ward councillor, Tory Tracy Capon, has openly opposed the policy (and I assume had her knuckles wrapped). She is a Stambridge Parish Councillor so can’t support the policy of parish and district. Also, according to my friend, she was openly going against the allocation at a Canewdon Parish meeting.
    Her husband is Stambridge Parish chairman so I would assume shares her views, at least for Stambridge.

    The Rayleigh Tory Mafia aren’t happy with these two. If Terry Cutmore wins and remains leader, I suppose neither of them will be on the Executive due to pressure from the Mafia. Shame as my friend has high opinions of them – very active over in the East.

    If Valerie does win, she might want to get in touch with them, as it would appear there is a shared viewpoint.

    Over here it appears LIbDems could well gain a few seats due to the English Democrats/UKIP reducing the Tory vote – Sweyne Park, Trinity and Whitehouse Wards.

    Looks like its going to be a very interesting Thursday night/Friday morning.


  • Hi Anon One. Nice to hear from you again!

    One of the problems with the new council structure is that councillors are so fragmented now – there’s not been a chance for councillors to speak in the District Council chamber about the housing figures for about 8 months now. So whatever Tracy Capon is ‘openly opposing’ , it’s not yet been ‘openly heard’ in Rayleigh.

    What Tracy needs is her own blog… But that wouldn’t be likely to improve her popularity in the Tory group.

    If Valerie does win on Thursday I’m sure she would we willing to discuss issues with her.

    A Lib Dem victory here would certainly upset the applecart!

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