Snowy April




Weather Pixie in Snow

Today was certainly a weird day for canvassing. Snow in April?
Even so, three of us went out today, calling on doors, with Jackie in some of her ski-ing gear.

Which made us think – were any of the other parties out today in the snow? Did anybody get canvassed by a Tory wearing two fleeces, or receive a leaflet from an English Democrat with a furry hat ? Let us know!

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  • We have now lived in this ward for 14 years and in all that time we have only ever had one party knock on our door, I don’t think we are out that often that we have missed the others!, we don’t mind what you are wearing, at least we know who you are and come rain or shine (or snow) so will everybody else. Good luck to you all.

  • Jeff we have lived in Downhall and Rawreth Ward for 25 years and to date not one member of any party has knocked on our door and tried to persuede us to vote for them. Like you we are not out that often and should any prospective candidate like to call they would be most welcome to let us know why they are standing and what they propose to do for the district. Good luck to everyone standing.

  • Hi Christine. Where abouts in the ward do you live? We should be knocking on your door. Please do ask for any help re any local issues that effect you either on here or directly. All of us Libdems display our phone no’s & emails (unlike the other parties!)

  • Trevor, Christine :-

    Regarding canvassing in Downhall and Rawreth we won’t be doing any major calling on doors before May 1st as there are no elections there. I’m sure we’ll be out and about and calling on doors afterwards over the summer – we need to keep in touch.

    However we treat most of Rawreth differently to the built-up areas Rayleigh.

    We do canvass some of the unmade roads at election time (and we’ve met some pretty startled people , who weren’t expecting a visit). But we’ve actually aimed to get to know the really rural bits away from election periods , by taking up just about every invitation we get to visit. (e.g, I spent an hour with one lady last Friday).

    We also make sure that the Focus gets to everyone- either hand-delivered or by mail (paid for out of Ron’s councillor’s allowance) , and we try to cover the Parish Council meetings every time (which is something I believe that the previous (Tory) councillors neglected to do).

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