Come Out And Help Our Rayleigh Candidates!




We have candidates in Rayleigh for 5 District Council seats and 6 Town Council seats. In addition, we are delighted to have Valerie Stanton standing for us in Ashingdon and Canewdon (more on Valerie’s campaign later). And not to forget Mike Woods in Wickford North (which is part of Basildon Council, but in our constituency).

You will recognise two or three names from onlinefocus 🙂

PAT PUTT Sweyne Park Ward- District Council
We are mentioning Pat here first because Sweyne Park is our main battleground – last year Jackie Dillnutt won here for us by just 30 votes….

Pat Putt

ELENA BLACK – Whitehouse Ward- District Council
Elena Black

LINDSAY FREND Sweyne Park Ward- Town Council

Lindsay Frend

MIKE NOBES Central Ward – District Council , Sweyne Park – Town Council

Mike Nobes

RON OATHAM – Downhall – Town Council

Ron Oatham

TREVOR PARRETT Sweyne Park – Town Council
Trevor Parrett

MARK PEARSON Trinity Ward – District Council

Mark Pearson

BRUCE SMART – Downhall – Town Council

Bruce Smart


COREY VOST Wheatley Ward – District and Town Council
Corey Vost

We would have liked to have had more candidates, but not enough people put their names forward. Even so, we are in a much stronger position than 4 years ago! We certainly have some quality people…..

If you have any time to help deliver some leaflets , please let us know! Even delivering 150 could make a big difference…..

It’s game on…..

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  • Here’s to wishing us all good luck with the elections on the 1st!

    On a personal note – must remember to send you a better picture Chris – seeing that mugshot blown up sure isn’t pretty!

  • You realise, Corey, that all year people have been waiting to see what you look like!

    Incidentally , I reckon that a couple of our ‘regulars’ might be standing for another party – if they want to give themselves a quick mention, they are welcome….

  • Yes Chris I am standing in Hullbridge for the Labour party. Most kind of you to spare me a thought.

    I would like to wish everyone a good campaign. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and who knows we may see some new faces on RDC.

  • Good luck to all the Lib Dems. I believe that the most important issue to us is that our town and our neighbours have a Council that puts them first and the party second. For far too long we have lived under a Council that puts their party first. This town is a great town to live in but there are those who would not have a problem giving way to large developers and supermarkets. When has the Council engaged with the youth of this town. When has the Council given the youth of this town an alternative to ‘hanging around’ the Websters Way car park? When have parents been given the support to bring up their children in the way society expects. These are basic areas that a local Council can help in developing youngsters to respect the society that they live in. I would say that the team we have is good enough, has enough belief in ourself to go that extra mile and give the residents of this town pride in where they live.

  • I agree with you Mike. Mention politics to people and they yawn! ALL the focus has to be on local issues, which is where our interests all lie anyway. We CAN make a difference if we all get elected. Rayleigh has a lot going for it, but still falls short on a lot of essential needs.

  • Trev, yes, you’re right, national politics is so much duller than the 1980s!

    What most people don’t know is just how exciting a local election can be…. and if you win , you do have a chance to achieve something useful.

  • Having been in the running for election once before, I can definately say it gets VERY exciting come the day of the voting! And it is quite surreal seeing ballot paper after ballot paper being unfolded with a great big cross next to your name! I am really looking forward to it! I have been delivering leaflets tonight to real ‘family houses’ streets, so I hope people who are in the same boat as me (with young families…wanting better facilities for our youngsters) will get themselves to the polling station come the big day 🙂

  • Jackie, Chris & I were canvassing in Sweyne Park last night and received a lot of positive comments. Our timing was perfect too, as Jackie is meeting with the Local Police on Friday and now has a specific issue raised by one family last night.

  • One of the ways to improve the quality of life for our residents is to engage the youth of this town. Because there is very little for them to do and the council seem to have discarded them, it is up to us to give them a voice. I have couple of ideas that might just give these youngsters a platform to air their views and needs. Who is up for this experiment, it may not work but we owe it to them to provide a platform for them to speak!

  • Hi Lindsay, no I have not got your email address but I think we should seperate the youngsters who want to talk from those who want to cause problems. The issues with the young have to be addressed with their parents. Kids need strong leadership otherwise they just flounder in this world. If we do not give them the leadership they need, we all suffer. They are our future.

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