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Announcement on Waste from the Council


Due to staff shortages, there will be delays in the council’s compostable waste collection service and bin collections which may have been missed.The Council has made the decision to use available resources to focus on the critical elements of the service by continuing to collect non-recycling waste and recycling waste. Please continue to put these bins out on the scheduled collection day.Limited side waste left beside your refuse bin will be collected, this is a maximum of two additional sacks collected from Monday 4th January until Thursday 7th January 2021 inclusive. No additional side waste will be collected after these dates.We are operating a reduced service on our compostables collections and will collect your compostables bin when crews are available to do so. This means we may not collect your green bin on the usual day or as frequently as normal. The advice is to leave your green bin out if possible so that it can be emptied in the normal way, placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day. If we don’t pick up your green waste bin as expected, please bear with us, if your bin has been missed it will not be emptied until your next available collection date, due to limited resources.We urge residents to reserve space in the green bins for food waste and prioritise food waste over garden waste.If you notice that your whole road has not been collected, please do not contact us, we are aware of the roads that have not had a collection and they will be completed as soon as possible. Please only contact us about a missed collection if you are the only household whose refuse has not been collected and we will endeavour to empty your refuse bin as soon as we can.

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  • I have to applaud the refuse collectors / team lately. They don’t have an option to work from home like many of us, and continued working most days over the holidays. Thank You.

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