RDC Managing Director Perplexed By Member Question On Traveller Site

Site of GT1 and where 'Tyre Fire' has previously occurred

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Managing Director, Shaun Scrutton of Rochford District Council looked totally perplexed when asked a question by opposition Councillor, John Mason during today’s meeting of the planning policy subcommittee

When asked “Why the Council hasn’t taken any positive action….” whilst referring to the site know as GT1 (Michelins Farm)* the Managing Director simply referred the Councillor back to the Council to answer the question.

We’re shocked that the Managing Director of the Council is unable (or possibly unwilling) to answer this question for a member of the Council.

Watch as the Managing Director avoids answering the members question…

*GT1 is a site allocated in 2014 for a legal travellers site in the Rochford District

  • Regarding Traveller sites : Planning on Green Belt. HM Government’s directive is that traveller/gypsy can possibly receive special dispensation under planning law only if they prove that they are Working Travelling Travellers and that the use of Green Belt should only be considered under exceptional circumstances. The easiest way to prove this, is for them to produce HMRC accounts showing a trail of their work. Also the term ‘travelling’ does not mean a traveller working local. The term means travelling far from home – unable to commute home on a daily basis. To grant any planning without proof is extremely discriminatory against the settled community.