RDC Managing Director Perplexed By Member Question On Traveller Site

Site of GT1 and where 'Tyre Fire' has previously occurred

Managing Director, Shaun Scrutton of Rochford District Council looked totally perplexed when asked a question by opposition Councillor, John Mason during today’s meeting of the planning policy subcommittee

When asked “Why the Council hasn’t taken any positive action….” whilst referring to the site know as GT1 (Michelins Farm)* the Managing Director simply referred the Councillor back to the Council to answer the question.

Lib Dem Cllr Chris Stanley had previously asked the question and had a similarly dissatisfactory reply with some ramblings of the MTFS (medium-term financial strategy, which in layman’s terms puts in down to money.) Perhaps it could be argued as to why an important ‘facility’ like this is sidelined when an impending and costly move of the Council Chamber is on the cards in the near future? 

This lack of ‘positive action’ has effectively contributed to the angst for residents and illegal sites that have steadily increased and now appear throughout the district on greenbelt land. 

We’re shocked that the Managing Director of the Council is unable to answer this question for a member of the Council and cannot fathom as to why it would appear he doesn’t know what is going on?

Watch our video, as the Managing Director avoids answering the members’ question…

*GT1 is a site allocated in 2014 for a legal travellers site in the Rochford District