What Is ‘Sector D?’




It all sounds a bit ‘Area 51’ – but ‘Sector D’ is the area identified in the South East Essex Strategic Growth Locations Assessment.

This assessment identifies one area around Southend (north of Fossetts Farm, Garon Park and Bournes Green Chase, incorporating land within both Southend Borough and Rochford District) that has the potential to accommodate strategic scale development (at least 6,000 – 8,000 new homes) and therefore warrants further investigation. This initial exploratory growth locations assessment work will form an stepping stone in examining the potential of the area as part of the preparation of the South Essex Joint Strategic Plan being progressed by the Association of South Essex Local Authorities and through the preparation of respective local plans. This work will include an assessment of infrastructure and
transport impacts and an assessment of Green Belt.

Why is ‘Sector D’ Important?

‘Sector D’ potentially gives enough land to create a garden village in the East of District with the Government support for the associated infrastructure. Now isn’t this worth considering?

Urban sprawl with piecemeal infrastructure upgrades that are few and far between could be a thing of the past….

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South East Essex Strategic Growth Locations Assessment 2019 – Planning Policy Sub-Committee – 31/01/2019

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