Consultation on the Gypsy and Traveller Issues Paper

We’ve previously posted on where Travellers sites could be allocated in the Rochford District. Here’s a list for quick reference

This should be noted is ONE of the options – other options for travellers sites are set out in Fig 2.1 & Fig 2.2

Fig 2.1
Fig 2.2

The consultation will be on the Gypsy and Traveller Issues Paper which can be downloaded from the Rochford District Councils website here

We are inviting comments on the Gypsy and Traveller Issues Paper and its accompanying Draft Sustainability Appraisal from 25 February 2019 until 5pm on 8 April 2019. Comments can be made in any of the following ways, however late comments may not be accepted:
• Online – using the Council’s online public consultation system for Strategic
Planning consultations available at this
• Email – to
• Post – by sending a completed response form to Strategic Planning, Rochford District Council, Council Offices, South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BW

All representations must be accompanied by a name, address and, if applicable, email address. The Council cannot accept anonymous representations.

The Council will also not accept representations that are of an abusive, discriminatory or defamatory nature and any such representations received will be rejected.

All comments accepted as duly-made will be logged on the Council’s online public consultation system and will be available to view at the earliest opportunity.

The Council will seek to engage with local communities, businesses and other consultees throughout this consultation in accordance with its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). The SCI 2016, available on the Council website, sets out the ways in which it will publicise the consultation opportunity and manage the consultation itself.

Following the consultation, the Council will consider any representations received and use these to inform its subsequent approach to planning for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation needs. The Council intends to publish a ‘Feedback Report’ in due course to summarise and provide an initial response to the issues, opportunities and comments raised through this consultation.

  • It is unacceptable that RDC still seem to not know where Rawreth is . Madrid Avenue is part of our Parish ,so we have three landowners putting forward sites . All three have grievances against RDC over refusal over the years for various applications . Rawreth Parish Council have pushed for and supported the policy of RDC to establish Michelins Farm as a Council run transient site as was originally proposed . The Council have missed a trick with their investment board not taking an interest in the purchase of Michelins Farm in the past when it should have been valued at agricultural rate BEFORE they changed the status in the core strategy to industrial use ,as the landowner at the time in my view had forfeited his right to make huge profits by his neglect and exploitation to a green field site .

    • Yes, they’ve certainly missed a trick as you say and at what price? The only ones that appear to be paying the price are the Council Tax payers and those that have had their homes devalued and suffered other losses through the illegal sites. It’s not like RDC didn’t have a strategy, but a clear failure of implementing it. Is it time that Rawreth Parish Council made their own representation as Rayleigh Town Council have to show their concerns over this matter?

      • I seem to remember many years ago before the site was proposed for a travellers camp that Rawreth Parish Council alerted RDC to the ongoing problems on Michelins Farm ,when Rayleigh Town Council were not aware of the existence or indeed that Michelins Farm was in the town councils area . We have in the past asked our ward councillors to explore the possibility of RDC interest , unfortunately the ruling majority or Council Officers did not take the idea forward hence the mess we are in now .