Our 1000th Post




So tonight we are writing our 1000th post for onlineFOCUS!

When we started in May 2003, we didn’t have any kind of grand plan. But thanks to the people who leave comments here, it’s slowly developed. And once in a while your comments make a real impact on what happens locally.

The website is read by residents, other councillors, council staff, journalists and people from local organisations – we hope it’s becoming a real community asset. If you can ‘spread the word’ to anybody else locally who might be interested, please do it….

But tonight we want to say ‘thank you’ to everybody who leaves comments . Although the council chamber is a generally friendly place, it can still be daunting if you are in a small group. Just having you guys out there communicating with us boosts our morale and keeps us motivated. To use a sporting analogy, you make us feel like we are playing all our matches at home!

Anyway, that’s all for now folks , we have some election leaflets to write….

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  • And congratulations from me, too!

    As a rather-too-occassional blogger, I admire the discipline and consistency of what you do here on the website. Lots of hard work and dedication!

    Hats off to you! And every blessing for the next 1000 posts!…

  • Thanks for your kind words Paul.

    By the way, we would have already added your blog to our list of links , but our wordpress software is playing up – we think we will have to do an upgrade once the elections are over.

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