More Brand New Planning Applications




There’s quite a variety of new planning applications at the moment. Heres’ a few of them. As always, district councillors and district council candidates can ask straightforward questions, but not make comments.

Extensions at the Travellers Joy Pub:

Council Ward: Grange
Proposal: Refurbishment Of Bar/Restaurant, Extended External Drinking and Dining Areas, Fomation of New Play Area, New Service Yard Fencing, Fencing to Site Boundaries and Alterations to Car Park. Provision of New Smoking Shelter and Giant Umbrella. Form New Ramped Access.
Location: Travellers Joy Down Hall Road Rayleigh

Application for 8 homes in Victoria Avenue:

Council Ward: Sweyne Park
Proposal: Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct 4 No. Semi Detached Four Bedroomed Houses and 2 No. Two Bedroomed and 2 No. Three Bedroomed Bungalows With New Accesses and Access Drive.
Location: 58 Victoria Avenue Rayleigh

Two applications for high mesh fencing at the airport , these ones will be decided by officers:

Council Ward: Rochford
Proposal: Construct 2.85m High Mesh and Barbed Wire Topped Security Fence to Part of Airfield Perimeter Off and to the North of Aviation Way
Location: London Southend Airport Co Ltd Southend Airport Rochford

Council Ward: Rochford
Proposal: Construct 2.85m High Mesh and Barbed Wire Topped Security Fence to Part of Airfield Perimeter off Aviation Way and off Northern End of Short Runway
Location: Grid Reference London Southend Airport Co Ltd Southend Airport Rochford

A Green Belt application in Rawreth:

Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
Proposal: Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct Two Bedroomed Detached Bungalow in Connection With Stud Farm.
Location: The Paddocks Vanderbilt Avenue Rayleigh

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  • Just read this on the Echo site. If the change of use is to a distribution centre, this will mean more lorry movements in Rawreth.

    Proposal reveals nursery’s closure

    A PLANT nursery is closing in Rawreth.

    Plans have been submitted to Rochford District Council for a change of use of the large building at Hambro Nurseries from a horticultural storage building to use it as storage or as a distribution centre.

    A member of staff confirmed the nursery, in Chelmsford Road, was closing, but it is not known when or what will happen to employees.

    Hambro Nurseries supplies trade with plants and is not open to the public.

    Shaun Scrutton, head of planning at the council, said: “It is for a change of use of the existing building. We will look at whether the new use proposed is one that will be acceptable set against our policies.”

    The manager at Hambro Nurseries was unavailable for comment.

  • Very concerned that this could become another mini-industrial site, the application shows that the applicant does not know who will use this building or what they will do there. Open to much abuse it could appear! More traffic through Rawreth!!

  • Asda & Makro

    I have just received notice of an application by Asda to extend their hours of receiving deliveries to 6am in the morning every day. This is 7am at present.

    I can’t see anything from anyone else on onlinefocus about this, doesn’t anyone else know about it? The application no: is 08/00280/FUL if you want to comment.

    This is in addition to the application from Makro to extend their opening hours also – application no: 08/00217/FUL.
    They want to extend their hours to 6am – 10pm Mon – Fri
    6 – 9pm Sat, and 9.30 – 7pm sunday.

    All this means much more disruption and much more noise early in the morning for those people living close to both sites and for those living in Rawreth Lane, heavy delivery lorries coming through from 5.30 am onwards.

    In a recent appeal by the Cricket club based in Rawreth Lane to extend their hours of activity in the evenings, the Planning Inspector within his refusal, stated quite clearly that this a rural community and the residents should be able to expect peace and quiet. I trust that RDC will take notice of this when they consider both applications.

    Another point made recently -in answer to Coreys “whomp”whomp” problem is that excessive noise is not permitted before 7 am.

  • Hi Lyn,

    Although I had heard rumours, that’s all they were until I received a letter from planning today.

    Needless to say, I have already sent my response to RDC. Why does, what is supposed to be a local store who already has 112 hours of deliverable hours per week, need this to be increased to 119 hours? The only thing I can think off is that, if this is granted, give it time, they will use this as a springboard to 24 hour opening. We never did get confirmation that ASDA were not going down this route at some point in the future, I can’t help but wonder why!

  • Lyn and Corey, You may not have the full facts. My notification states ” to accept deliveries of goods to be sold, between the hours of 0600 to 2300 hours ON ANY DAY”.
    I think this is also adding an hour into the night and presumably will include Sundays having the same hours of delivery.
    It will be interesting to hear what Admin has to say tomorrow.

  • Greenbelt, I checked with RDC they already have until 23 hours to accept deliveries , but you are right it states to accept deliveries of goods to be sold between the hours of 0600 and 2300 ON ANY DAY, which of course, includes Sundays.

    Not clear if this means just accept deliveries OR accept and to be sold between these hours – a very clever way of actually extending the hours of store opening?
    Either way, totally unacceptable.

  • Lyn, I first read it like that but felt that this would breach the 6 hour trading laws for supermarkets on Sundays. Are Asda exempt from this?
    The wording is very ambiguous!!

  • Although ambiguous, it is delivery of goods between those hours stated to be sold in the store – it is understood that at this stage hours are not changing.

    If you have been in the store after 9pm, you will know that it would be a false economy to extend opening hours past 10pm as generally after 9pm there are more staff than customers on the shop floor.

  • Just to let you know that I have called the store and asked the question if it is for delivery and/or store opening. ASDA confirmed the application is solely for an alteration to delivery hours.

  • My view is that delivery hours should not be altered at all. Currently it is supposed to start from 7am but Asda cant keep to this time so why reward them with giving this the go ahead. And who is to say that they will not stretch this time restriction and lorries wont turn up at 545am, instead of the current regular 645am!
    Furthermore the store is just too close to the houses for deliveries this early to be acceptable.

    Also what happens when Asda break this time restriction? How are they punished? ‘Cause they continue to do it.

    Another thing, I understand that the yellow lines outside Asda are not inforcable as yet. But I would have thought that the decent thing to do by a large company like Asda was to treat the yellow lines as if they were, and to not leave there lorries parked on them. Especially when its about 20ft from the front doors of local residents!!!!

  • David, I was told by a resident of Priory Chase that Asda painted the double yellow lines themselves in order to stop cars parking in the section of road they need for lorries to wait. They get away with this as the road is still private and has yet to be adopted.
    Asda only do things to suit themselves and rarely do what we would consider DECENT.
    Regarding current delivery times, I have seen other supply lorries, eg. dairy & bakery, some sign written and others unmarked, arriving at 6.05 am. almost an hour before permitted. If the extra hour is granted it will still be abused and no doubt deliveries will arrive at 5.00am

  • I definately agree about the ‘decent’ issue. Large conglomerates, without a shadow of doubt, do not care about the lay person.
    I’d be intersted to know a little bit about these yellow lines. Asda are not in the right to go about painting supposed or implied restrictons on roads. I would guess that RDC must have some record of these future imposed restrictions.
    Does anyone know when the road is to be adopted? It seems to be in no mans land. Does this mean George Wimpy still oversees the road? I doubt it!

    Regarding this latest appilication:
    I assume all local residents would refuse this latest appication. Whay would they not?
    Presumaly this would mean it SHOULD get refused.
    And again, presumaly Asda would be punished from allowing deliverly lorries to regularly park up outside the store before they are allowed to do so.

    Why hasn’t this been dealt with?

    Anyone know why this continues and what the likelyhood is of getting one over Asda for a change?

  • David, Expanding on the yellow line situation, the person who told me (while chatting at the bus stop) also said that the residents opposite the store had told Asda they would park on the lines on their side of the road to cause congestion if the lorry situation continued. Unfortunately I live in Rawreth Lane and cannot confirm this. Perhaps Corey or another resident can expand further.
    Regarding unadopted roads, I once lived in an unmade unadopted road in Ashingdon. RDC made it clear that residents owned the road outside their property and to the centre line of the road. When it was adopted, every occupant had to pay for it to be made up.
    This does not happen now as infrastructure has to be in place before properties are built. Occupiers have however paid for the road in the price of the property and I assume they own the road until it is adopted.

  • Greenbelt, I believe the road is currently owned by the developers – they are responsible for maintaining it until County Highways adopt it.

    Otherwise residents in Priory Chase would be getting bills for maintenance 🙁

    As I understand it, the yellow lines at present are not legally enforceable. For there to be official yellow lines:

    -the road has to be adopted
    – County Highways has to have the funds available for the legal process. (when the inspector visited the site for the planning appeal Asda’s agents said they would be willing to pay the legal costs)
    – there has to be a proper, legal public consultation.

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