Mark Francois Becomes Tory Spokesman On Europe




Our Tory MP for Rayleigh, Mark Francois, has been made a Conservative Shadow Minister for Europe!

As the Sun reports this morning:

DAVID Cameron was hit by his first party mutiny last night when senior Tory MP Graham Brady quit as Europe spokesman in fury over grammar schools.

Mr Brady, 40, had been hauled over the coals for backing grammars just days after Mr Cameron declared they were dumped as party policy.

But last night he refused to back down and sensationally quit to carry on campaigning for MORE of the schools.

Mr Brady said he had no option, ?faced with a choice between a front bench position I have loved and doing what I believe to be right for my constituents and for families ill-served by state education?.

The MP for Altrincham and Sale West, in Manchester, was replaced by rising Tory star Mark Francois.

We do hope that someone gives Mr Francois a copy of the Sun this morning – seeing yourself described as a ‘rising star’ must be a great moment . We offer our congratulations and hope he enjoys today.

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