Leisure Centre Definitely Opens on May 13th




The Rayleigh Leisure Centre opens on May 13th – more information is available from the district council’s website.

We think that it’s a bit like Wembley Stadium ? it?s months behind schedule, but we are delighted it?s opening. There?s been a long gap since the old sports centre closed and this new one being completed! The latest news is that Squires Coffee Shop from the High Street will be running the caf?.

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  • i think this leisure centre wil be a brilliant way for all the locals 2 keep fit without every1 havin 2 travel all the way to clements hall. Even though this mite put places like fungi fitness in hullbridge out of business it will sure be a fabulous place to work out. And as people say….good things come to those who wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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