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There are district council elections in 6 wards in Rayleigh this year – and we have candidates for all of them. It’s a different picture elsewhere in the district – there weren’t any suitable candidates ready to stand for us this time.

So are concentrating our efforts on Rayleigh. Chris Black and Chris Lumley are defending their seats. Keith Budden, Jackie Dillnutt, Mark Pearson and Pat Putt will be trying to win seats from the Conservatives.

We haven’t any election gimmicks to offer:
We simply want to carry on campaigning on local issues
If you elect a Lib Dem councillor, you can be sure that they will keep you informed with local newsletters
We will vote for what’s best for our area, not just follow a party line
All of us think that the council has allocated too much land for housing in Rayleigh, and has been appallingly slow at providing extra amenties to cope.

So here are our candidates!

Chris Lumley - Grange

Chris Lumley has been a very hard-working councillor for Grange Ward, and is standing again for us. He also sits as an independent on Rayleigh Town Council. His wife June is also a councillor but is not up for election this year. Address: 38 London Road . Telephone : Rayleigh 784147 email: junechrislumley@btinternet.com
He writes: “Many people will vote for their party preference of national government at Westminster. But these are LOCAL elections and I hope that I will be judged on my commitment to this ward. Unlike the Conservative group on the council, the Lib dem group does not operate a whip. This means that I am always free to vote the way that I think is in the best interest of the Grange Ward.”

Jackie Dillnutt - Whitehouse

Jackie Dillnutt is standing for us in Whitehouse Ward. She’s a primary schoolteacher who is standing as a candidate for the first time. It’s about time that Rayleigh had a mother of teenage children as a councillor! Address: 146 Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh . Phone :784684 Email bryan@dillnutt.wanadoo.co.uk
She writes “When we moved to Rayleigh twelve years ago I was impressed with its sense of community, the mix of shops and services in the town centre and the quality of education provision. These are still qualities that are worth preserving and extending. From personal experience I have found that the local Liberal Democrats are genuinely interested in fighting on issues that directly affect the quality of people?s lives”

Pat Putt - Rayleigh Central

Pat Putt is standing as a candidate for the first time in Rayleigh Central Ward. She has lived in Rayleigh with her family since May 1967 and has been delivering Lib Dem leaflets for a few years now. Address: 4 Exmouth Drive Phone: 784082 email: info@ankhara.com.
She writes:I am concerned about the overdevelopment of Rayleigh , the lack of extra amenities and the future viability of our High Street. I have sat back for too long and seen harm done to this town, now I have finally decided to do something about it. If you vote for me I promise to do my best for you and Rayleigh.

Chris Black - Downhall and Rawreth

Chris Black is standing for re-election in Downhall and Rawreth Ward. Chris grew up in Down Hall Road and attended Glebe, Downhall and Sweyne Schools. He’s been a councillor for Downhall and Rawreth since 2002 and was a councillor for the old Downhall ward before that. Phone: 778973 Address: 56 Love Lane Rayleigh Email: chris.lovelane@btopenworld.com
He writes: ?The next year is going to be crucial for our area.The Council is looking at sites for thousands more houses in our district. Some councillors would be happy to put them all in Rayleigh and Rawreth. This is crazy ? we don?t have the infrastructure to cope with the developments we already have. All the Liberal Democrat councillors believe the housing should be spread fairly across different parts of the district”

Keith Budden - Trinity
Keith Budden is standing again for us in Trinity Ward and definitely deserves to win – he lost by only three votes here in the Town Council Elections! Keith has lived in the ward for many years, and is a retired engineer and occasional poet. Phone 779161 Address: 14 Nelson Gardens, Rayleigh. Email keith.j.budden@btinternet.com
He writes: “New developments should put the quality of life of Rayleigh residents before the interests of ‘Here in Rayleigh Today- Gone Tomorrow’ companies. I am glad to see that some residents of Rayleigh are starting to actively campaign to defend their areas against overdevelopment. They could adopt the motto of Hogwarts School “Never tickle a sleeping Dragon.”

Mark Pearson- Wheatleys

Mark Pearson is standing for us again in Wheatleys Ward. He works as a researcher for a major bank. In his spare time Mark is is also heavily involved with helping youth activities in Rayleigh – so although he lives in Hockley he has a very good background for being a councillor.
Phone: 01702 203235 Address :18 Branksome Avenue Hockley

Mark writes: “When I stood here two years ago I was pretty well unknown in Wheatleys Ward , and people said it was the safest Conservative Ward in Rayleigh. But I still managed to get 375 votes ? which shows that a lot of people are genuinely concerned about the future of Rayleigh”

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