In For A Penny, In for Fifty Grand

The public outrage that followed the obscene amount of public money to replace the public toilets on Crown Hill, would appear nothing than a minor inconvenience to the Conservative Councillors at Rochford District Council and Rayleigh Town Council.

Rochford District Council are spending MORE money on repairing the building now they have successfully got the maintenance costs off their own books!

To add insult to injury for the public, Rayleigh Town Council is now contemplating a project to change its own toilets and create a reception area with an estimated budget of £50,000!

We wonder when residents will start asking questions of the Conservatives and their strange infatuation with expensive toilet projects. Can they really not think of anything more important to spend taxpayers money on? How will they continue to justify successive raises in the precept?

  • If they can spend this much money on this building, why on earth couldn’t it have stayed in use as much did it cost to build the ugly monsters that are now next door to a lovely old building? Just look at the pic above and I believe most people would agree.