RDC Hits Rayleigh Shoppers & Motorists

In a move that will surely anger struggling Rayleigh High St business owners and shoppers alike, our eagle-eyed focus team have spotted this new parking machine (in Websters Way carpark). These machines are designed to put an end to the sharing of pay and display tickets*.

The RAC recently reported in this article how councils are collecting up to £1 billion pounds a year in fees and with the District Council struggling to bring to fruition any decent revenue-generating ideas it seems that the car parking charges are an easy target for them.

We had only recently heard that there would be a parking review but this seems like a predetermined decision by Rochford District Council and the Conservatives in order to hit businesses and the motorist further.

Let us know what you think about this new way of trying to claw more money from residents. We think the District Council should be focusing on implementing projects that don’t go over budget and save money rather than ill-conceived ideas that cost money.

*At the time of publication of this article, it has not been confirmed if this feature will be enabled

      • Enough is enough, after 55 years of motoring, with different toll charges etc.placed over the years , surely they must leave us something ,I get great pleasure in giving someone my unused ticket.Normally give it to someone, who has a wreck or a youngster.

  • Will these new machines still take your money after 1pm on a Saturday when parking is free – i bet they do. The council have no trouble taking the money from people using the car park that aren’t aware of this free parking. I take great pleasure stopping people putting in their money after 1pm – maybe these machines could automatically shut off when parking is free or the sign/notice should be clearer & not the small print it is at the moment.