Grange Community Centre : Uh Oh, Looks Like Chris Misunderstood.




One of the problems with a one-party cabinet is that there is no chance to ask questions – and when one of the cabinet members moves a complaicated motion there’s no chance to say “Sorry, can you repeat that?”.

At last weeks meeting, Chris Black thought he heard the Conservatives proposing to continue with the existing lease on the Grange Community Centre until the council had paid for repairs. It now looks like they are asking the Community Association to do it, although it still isn’t 100 percent clear. This is what the cabinet agreed:

(1) That the Rayleigh Grange Community Centre lease be extended on the present terms and conditions for an initial six months to ensure and enable repair works of an urgent nature (Minute 343/07) to be carried out and completed and appropriate safety certification with respect to fabric and services of the building to be presented to the Council

(2) That, on satisfactory completion of the works identified in (1) above, the lease be extended on the present terms and conditions for an additional six months to enable less urgent repair works to fabric of the building, after which time the Council will expect the building to have been brought up to such a condition as is reasonable to expect under the terms of a ?full repairing lease?.

(3) That at the end of this twelve month period of grace the Council enter into negotiations with the leaseholders in order to agree a new lease. In addition, the Council to take the opportunity presented by this period to review its entire lease arrangements with a view to bringing them in line with one another to ensure that a fair and equitable arrangement for all leases shall exist right across the District.

This doesn’t look nearly so good for the community association. And sorry for the wrong information, if indeed it is wrong.

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  • Don’t feel bad Chris- the sound was appalling and very difficult to follow in places and as the public aren’t allowed to speak, there was no way we could say “Speak up!”

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