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  • One thing that I recently learnt, re large supermarkets erected in residential areas was that the large, two storey Tesco, built at Roneo Corner, which I believe is close to Romford/Hornchurch was originally planned to be a 24 hour store (as you would expect a 2 storey supermarket to be) however people power in the area complained and stood their ground and Tesco backed down, Well Done Tesco. Now if there was such a strong demonstration against ASDA, would they really want the adverse publicity that would ensue, I think not. The recent publicity in the papers has just shown up what a bad decision it was to put a supermarket there in the first place.

  • Mike,

    I met with the store manager on Monday to discuss this issue.

    When the application went in for store signage, Asda lodged their standard application for signage (as they did for the alcohol license) without thought to the location of the store. Since then the application was amended and the signage for 24 hour opening was removed from the application.

    According to the store manager, whom I believe to be a sincere and honest person, having spoken to him several times now, there was never any intention of the store being open 24 hours a day.

    He is speaking to his regional office, to get this put into writing for us.

    As most are aware, I have been somewhat vocal about the ASDA store, however, since speaking with Matt Featherstone (Store Manager), I am confident that he wants the store to be a good neighbour, wants to work with the community, and as far as I am concerned, no longer have no worries or concerns with the store.

    This has been a busy week for ASDA with deliveries and preparations for the opening on Monday – remembering that my house is directly opposite the service yard, I can report, other than one incident on Friday, and a couple of times on Saturday, I have not heard anything from them. They even had a delivery early Sunday morning, which did not wake us.

    Asda have thus far proven themselves that they are being good neighbours, perhaps it’s time that we gave them the benefit of the doubt, and enjoyed what will be a valuable resource to this side of Rayleigh.

  • Corey,
    Thats good news. It seems to be the first good news re this development for a little while!

    With regards to this subject is anyone aware of what is happening with the planned mixed use buildings on the same site at the Rawreth end? There is no sign that any work has started on these buildings and it seems to be all too quiet as to the exact nature of what is going to happen here.
    Are there any plans in the pipe line as to what these buildings are going to be used for?

  • David, that’s a very important question that’s been bothering us for a while. Asda have been playing their cards very close to their chest and not revealing much to the council.

    As part of the planning permission for the site, plans were approved for a building with a mixture of small shops and community uses, but as you say, no signs of anything so far. However Ron and I were told by one resident this evening that she’d heard that apparently another construction firm will be coming in to build this.

  • David / Chris I have the answer to your question concerning the mixed use building.

    This did come up during my discussion with Matt Featherstone.

    Asda have not yet found a company willing to take on the construction of this building. Therefore for the foreseeable future, RJ Group will gravel over this ground, and ASDA are opening it up to the residents along Priory Chase to use for parking as the double yellows would be in place

  • Thank you for the info Corey.

    I’ll ignore for today the fact that there’s no planning permission for a car park there….

    Asda are offering this use because the District Council agreed to a road that is inadequate for the traffic that’s going to be using it.

    But I wonder if the ‘foreseeable future’ bit means the rest of our lifetimes…..

    This application was to create a range of neighbourhood uses, not just to create a supermarket….. I’m tempted to write a lot more … but I won’t.

  • I guess at the end of the day a temporary car park for residents is better than a vacant lot that will end up covered in weeds and litter.

    I can’t imagine for one second that ASDA will sit on this lot for long, before getting something sorted, after all, all the times that the lot remains vacant, ASDA are ultimately losing money?

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