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The Echo reports that County Highways are looking at the problems in Rawreth Lane.

A REDUCED speed limit could be introduced on a busy road following a spate of accidents.

Essex County Council highways officials may soon ask residents in Rawreth Lane, Rawreth, what they think should be done to make the area safer. Part of the road is currently unrestricted and part has a 40mph limit.

The news comes after parish councillor Rita Coombs voiced concern over two teenage boys involved in accidents on the road in the past two months….

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  • The article is slightly erroneous. The two speed limits in Rawreth lane are, in fact, 30mph (not 40mph) and unrestricted.
    Being a local resident I can say that the 30mph section is more or less ignored by all and sundry.
    Changing the spped limit wouldn’t help but ADHERING to it would.
    John C. Rayleigh.

  • I have left a full comment on the Echo website and wait with baited breath to see if anything comes of this..It will be interesting if Essex County Highways do actually ask us what we think should be done and even more interesting, I would say even amazing, if they actually listen and do anything about it.

  • Another Echo report full of errors, Hasn’t the 40mph speed limit been reduced to 30mph as pointed out by John C, also how has the ASDA caused more problems when it hasn’t even opened yet?

  • Lyn,

    Just read your comments on the Echo website. I was interested to know more details about the accidents, and from your comments it appears to have involved two cyclists. Do we know any more about the incident(s)?

    I don’t cycle as much as I used to, but one of the worst things I used to find was the pedestrian islands that are placed in the centre of roads to make it safer for people to cross. The negative effect of these features is that cars tend to squeeze through them at the same time as cyclists, often meaning they have to pass very close to the riders.

    Another general observation is that the vast majority of cyclists I see on the roads do not have adequate lighting on their bikes in poor lighting conditions.

    Unfortunately I do not have enough information about the accident to know what the potential cause could be, so it is difficult to comment on the best solution. However I find it hard to believe that a knee-jerk speed limit cut will be the way to go.

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