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Are you having trouble accessing onlineFOCUS? One of our ‘regulars’ has told us that when he tries to access through Google, he is being redirected to another site. It doesn;t happen with any other sites he goes to….

UPDATE : (Saturday afternoon.) We have definitely suffered some kind of sophisticated attack that redirects people who try to find us through a search engine!

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  • Hi Graham.

    I was going to send you an email…..
    No, the problem is that people who search on google for, or on yahoo for onlinefocus are being redirected. Try it!

    I’ll email you with more info.

  • I have searched on google for, I have also typed in the search, “libdems, rayleigh” Both times I had absolutely no problem either finding the website or accessing the website directly from the search engine.

    Speaking as a former IT teacher, and Head of IT, I have some knowledge of this type of “cyber-crime”, therefore I would be very surprised if someone had hacked google to effect this type of “attack” – search engines have top notch firewalls, even back doors would be almost impossible to access, and although possible with the right type of (very expensive) software and technology, doubt someone would target a local political party website. If there has been some kind of “attack”, it would be someone having hacked this website, and have entered some html to reroute to another site, OR a couple of people have a virus on their computers which is having the same effect. I would suggest updating and running antivirus software, and for admin to look at their html coding for the site and see if there is anything there that shouldn’t be. If there is any coding that is malicious, it would be very close to the beginning of the coding.

  • I have no problem with Google – I just search for ‘onlineFOCUS’ and the search result page appears with “news and stuff for Rochford district” at the top.

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