Complaint About Clements Hall




From the Echo:

A DISGUSTED swimmer has slammed “filthy” conditions at a council-owned leisure centre.

The 23-year-old, who asked not to be named, said he was shocked at the state of the changing rooms on recent visits to Clements Hall Leisure Complex in Hawkwell.

The leisure centre, in Clements Hall Way, is managed by Virgin Active on behalf of Rochford District Council.

Bosses at the council are now looking into the problem and say they hope it can be resolved “speedily”.

The district council and Virgin hope to make more thorough refurbishments to the changing rooms in the near future.

The man, who is from Rochford and a regular user of the facilities said: “The swimming pool changing rooms are absolutely filthy – it appears thorough cleaning is not done to a timely manner….

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This could be the first big test for Rochford Councillor Keith Gordon, who is the new Cabinet Member for Leisure, Tourism, Heritage, the Arts, Culture and Business.

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  • I believe at a west area commitee meeting some while back Councillor Peter Webster made a similiar complaint . Surely Virgin Active should have addressed the problem then . It is not satisfactory in a health risk area such as a changing room that these conditions should persist . It is also Rochford District council s responsibility to monitor that its taxpayers are getting good value for money and a safe enviroment in these public facilities .

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