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We’ve been able to sort the redirection sabotage this morning with the help of Graham, our Technical Adviser.

In fact with Graham’s help we have upgraded the version of WordPress that we use, which means we now have some new opportunities to improve the site.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us with this.


We’ve had another report that searching for on Google, and then clicking on one of the results, redirects you to the wrong website. But it doesn’t seem to happen for everyone.

We’d be grateful for some feedback:

When you get results for
searching on google for onlinefocus and
searching on yahoo for onlinefocus and

– when you click on one of the results, are you sent to onlinefocus or to somewhere else?

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  • I have just searched on google for onlinefocus and then again for On both occasions I selected a link and was directed to the website. No problems for me on google. I havn’t tried Yahoo.

  • The exploit affects IE7, IE8, Firefox 2.00.14 as well. It might be worth checking the webserver itself as the version of Apache being run (1.3.34) does have some known problems with “Cross-Site Scripting” exploits. If someone has compromised this, then the redirect could be done at that level without even touching the site code.

  • I haven’t got a clue what a dodgy sql is, but I get here OK via Google using Avant Browser which is Firefox based (apparently).
    Hope you sort it.

  • Bawler, I’m not sure about all this stuff either 🙂

    Basically, sql is a computer language used to design the database which underpins the whole website…. As it’s been a long day I think I’ll try and sort out the problem tomorrow.

  • It appears that the problem with the website has re-appeared. I have just tried to get access to through Google again and it re-directed to other links again.

  • Chris, Now I can access the website through Google again. It seems to be an intermittent problem. This time it happened just after you had posted the recycling information, if that is of any use, and I refreshed the page and it re-directed me! I came out of the website and tried to access it through google again (twice) both times it redirected me. I left it for about five minutes and tried to access the website through Google again and this time I was able to access the website. It does seem though that the problem is still there, only not as bad.

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