Application for Power Station

Two associated applications have been submitted for development in Rawreth

  • Development of a 49.99 MW Battery Storage Facility with associated infrastructure and landscaping
  • Development of a 49.99 MW Gas Fired Electricity Generating Facility with Associated Infrastructure and Landscaping

This is the first time we’ve had to consider this type of application so we will be having to do a bit of research on this.

The full application details are here

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First reaction is ” yet more prolonged construction activity” – ( Materials & Labour traffic ) coincident with multiple sites in the area – both in Wickford and Rayleigh ( for example Grange Villa / North of London Rd / Timber Grove in particular close proximity ). When are the local authorities going to think outside the individual application boxes and consider the combined negative impact on an area already short on local facilities and long on traffic chaos / poor air quality etc;etc;etc. The much vaunted ‘Local Plan’ is suppose to dictate 5-10-20 year development direction , it is’nt… Read more »