Solar Farm for Ashingdon




At this week’s development committee, Councillors were asked to consider an application for a 50MW solar farm nr Ashingdon.

The construction of a solar photovoltaic farm and associated ancillary infrastructure including; the installation of ground level equipment, emergency lighting, and single storey building to house a transformer all within a substation compound; additional single storey building (control and metering room); the installation of customer substation and transformer equipment units including the formation of earth bundsaround some; installation of fencing including mounted security cameras, the formation of new access tracks, altered vehicular access and landscaping.

The application was fairly uncontentious apart from the applicant asking for a permission period of 5 years instead of the standard 3 years to commence development. It was determined by the committee that this extension would not be allowed.

Planning consent was approved for the scheme under the original proposals.

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