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Rayleigh Mount in Essex, managed by the National Trust, is the site of a medieval castle and is now a green oasis for wildlife. It offers a rich history and scenic views. The National Trust website provides detailed information about Rayleigh Mount, including its history, opening times, facilities, accessibility, and contact information. They also highlight various events and activities at Rayleigh Mount. For a comprehensive guide, you can visit the National Trust’s [Rayleigh Mount page](https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/rayleigh-mount).

Additionally, there is a guidebook available titled “Rayleigh Mount, Essex (National Trust for Places of Historic Interest & Natural Beauty. Guide series)” by Walter Arthur Voss, which you can find on Amazon. This book would provide in-depth information about Rayleigh Mount’s history and significance.

About the author, Cllr James Newport

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