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Last week we asked for your comments about the District Council’s website. Trouble is, the people who wanted to comment didn’t write anything because they didn’t feel confident enough to use some of the IT jargon. But a couple of people did tell us they’d like a system where they could request that notifications of planning applications in their local area or ward were sent directly to them by email.

So we asked the question and had the following response from Rob Collyer, the Web Services Development Manager.

Regarding your email, technically speaking this is something we can do, there are obviously some things to investigate with providing this type of service. We are hoping to provide RSS services on the website in the future to allow people to subscribe to all types of information and planning would also fit into this.

This isn’t something that will be implemented straight away, I will need to look into this in more detail. The website is going to be going through some changes between now and Christmas and I hope that we can look to implement something during this period.

Although I have said that I would HOPE to have something implemented later this year, I cannot give any guarantees due to other web projects taking priority, also we have not yet looked into the costs of implementing an RSS systems.

For sure though I can say that I am fully aware of the problems you have and an RSS system is definitely something we want to introduce at some point.

That seems a fair response and we are quite encouraged.

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