Coppice Gate Drainage Questions




Wimpey are busy building the Coppice Gate housing development at the old Park School site. They describe it as “An exciting development of two, three and four bedroom homes together with two bedroom apartments on the outskirts of Rayleigh” , and it probably is exciting if you are a first time buyer.

However we have been contacted by some residents who are very concerned about the scheme for dealing with all the surface water from the site. This is very important, because if it isn’t done properly then people downstream of the site – that’s some residents in Laburnum Way and Rawreth Lane – could have problems. And apparently the scheme has been changed from the original design. We are trying to find out more information and will report back…

This picture below shows the arrangement (partly completed) where the surface water flows into a ditch (the plant in the foreground is in somebody’s garden)

Drainage Arrangement

By the way , one other feature of the development is “ecological strips”. This is what one of them looks like (it’s the area between the two fences):

Ecological strip

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