What A Difference A Councillor Makes




Cllr Andrew Cross has set to work in the Wheatley ward and getting the neglected areas cleaned up for residents.

The alleyway leading from the end of Derwent Ave, running alongside Sweyne Court is a haven for litterbugs and drunks. There are regularly empty small bottles of cheap vodka (some smashed) at the bend in the alley.
Cllr Cross had asked the officers to take action and clean up the alleyway. With thanks to their prompt action it is now a much smarter and safer footpath for residents.

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  • Alley 2 –
    Oddly enough another Alley issue fixed, this time
    a broken ( half missing ) Manhole Cover at the
    Hambro Parade area.
    Fair play, Anglian Water set a good example – they
    responded same day with an inspection ( fitted a
    temporary over plate cover ). Two days later they
    then fitted a new Frame & Cover – well done ?.

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