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Echo Reporter John Georghan writes in tonight’s Echo about the plight of Rayleigh High Street:

TWO electrical shops that have served Rayleigh since the 1970s are closing.

Edes Electrics will close its doors in Rayleigh High Street for the last time next week after 30 years in the town, while Parker Electrics will call time after 36 years at the end of the month.

Lyn Wiltshire, who looks after the Rayleigh branch of Edes, has warned traditional High Streets were facing ?oblivion?.

She said: ?We?ve been here for more than 30 years so we?ve hung on in there.

?But it gets to a point where it?s just not practical.

?We?ve thought about it a lot and we?re sad to be going, but there?s no business in Rayleigh. So many shops are closing down.

?The situation with the roadworks isn?t helping and it?s very difficult to park because you have to pay everywhere.?

There are also branches of Edes in Wickford, Billericay and Leigh, which Ms Wiltshire said were faring much better than the one in Rayleigh.

She said: ?In Leigh, you can find somewhere to park, and it?s absolutely busy on a Saturday afternoon, but in Rayleigh it?s dead.

?There?s nothing different here in terms of shops compared with Leigh.

?Rayleigh used to be so lovely, but now there are no independent shops or places to browse and nowhere to sit outside.

?I think little high streets like Rayleigh will disappear into oblivion.?

In recent months, town centre shops which have closed include Lassiters clothing shop, in Eastwood Road, Ego Menswear, and Victoria Shoes, which will reopen as a gift shop.

Ray Parker, who runs Parker Electrics, is retiring at the age of 63. He said: ?This year has been the hardest I?ve had since I?ve been in business.

?It?s a sign of the times. The road being dug up hasn?t helped.?

Carl Watson, chairman of Rayleigh Chamber of Trade, said he was sad to see both shops go.

He said: ?Lots of shops here are on the verge of closing. Town centres should be the hub of what goes on in communities.?

It would be nice to think that the council cabinet are working on a master plan to assist Rayleigh High Street. We must hope so.

But things can’t be helped by the relevant cabinet member, Keith Gordon from Rochford having 5 topics to look after. He is officially responsible for “Leisure, Tourism, Heritage, the Arts, Culture and Business”. Should tourism really be first on the list and business last?

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  • These are sad developments! I hope that all those directly affected will join the Coppice Gate residents in our fight against the planned addition of so-called “community shops” on Rawreth Lane/Priory Chase – the hideous ASDA site.

    Please come to the meeting on Tuesday and voice your concerns!!!

  • I think that the pestrianisation and beautification (more tree planting etc.) of this part of the High Street will vastly improve Rayleigh Town centre – together with the promotion of more cafes/bars/restaurants and investment in quality high street shops – this would re-energise the town and bring in much needed income and employment opportunities.

    I may have only lived here for a few years but I can already see a decline in the town centre whilst other Essex Town centres seem to thrive. Rayleigh has a large commuting population and is a relatively wealthy area – I am disappointed that this hasn’t been capitalised upon.

    I and many others choose not to socialise in Rayleigh in the evening, as it seems to mainly much attract younger or elderly people. If I want to enjoy a pleasant evening out I travel to Leigh, Chelmsford or stay in London after work. I know that this is what a lot of local residents also choose to do. If Rayleigh had a real choice of quality bars and restaurants I’d be spending my cash in the High Street instead – as would many others I’m sure…

    I pop into Rayleigh for bits and pieces but I mostly shop in either Blue Water, Chelmsford, London, Lakeside or on line. Again if Rayleigh had more quality high street shops, I and many others, would shop in the High Street…

    Please don’t misunderstand me – I chose to live in Rayleigh and there is a great deal that I do really like about the Town. I just happen to think that more could be done to make the High Street a really attractive and special place to visit in the evening and during the day.

    I think that the gas works are a perfect opportunity to consider the permanent pedestrianisation of the top end of the High Street…

  • That is of course providing it is all shut, the gas works shutting the high Street has been in my opinion a distaster, very dangerous to try to cross from one side of the Street to the other with cars parked in the bus lanes and delivery vans unloading in the bus lane and instead of cars just going one way cars lorries etc have been turning so, very dangerous for the pedestrian.

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