The Hawkwell Action Group




We’ve just put added an extra site to our links page. It’s the website of the Hawkwell Action Group. They are campaigning against the figure of 365 extra homes for West Hawkwell that the Conservative Group have suggested.

To quote from their site:

Our village population will increase by 25%, the main road, the B1013 is already stretched to capacity. Schools & Doctors surgeries are full, and our infrastructure will not cope.

– these sorts of phrases will be familiar to people who’ve opposed overdevelopment in Rayleigh and Rawreth in the past! But not just the past , because if West Hawkwell is facing the prospect of 365 new houses , West Rayleigh and Rawreth are facing over 700.

It might be a good time for rural areas such as Rawreth and parts of Hawkwell to get to know each other better.

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