Trouble In Hawkwell



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Hawkwell Councillor John Mason writes here about antisocial behaviour in Hawkwell on 7th, 8th, 9th May:

“Last night, Friday, 9 May was worse, the kids were still over there shouting abuse, drinking, lighting a fires until 4.15 am.”

There were over 250 youths gathered. Youths had come from Rochford, Rayleigh and possibly Shoebury, to mix with Hockley / Hawkwell youths.

It is now a wider problem when Year 11 students get together and consume alcohol in large numbers. It has become an annual event with no signs that it will stop in the immediate future. Clements Hall is designated no alcohol and signs indicate that, but the youths ignore it.

As a District Councillor for Hawkwell I am insisting that the Police get together with all schools across Southend and Rochford to find a better way of managing the release of Year 11.

It is tempting for some schools, like Greensward does, to release their Year 11 early to so called “study leave”. It clearly releases school resources. But is it good for the students? Not in my opinion because they lose the valuable focus, guidance and are I say discipline they need to tackle their examinations successfully. If the Police can influence Greensward and other schools in any way then perhaps the Police could question that wisdom and policy alongside the difficulties it places the community and the Police in from unwelcome anti social behaviour. …….”

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