Rayleigh High Street To Close For 4 Weeks




A warning in the Echo:

RAYLEIGH High Street is to close to traffic for four weeks to allow gas pipes to be replaced.

The whole High Street, from the junction with Crown Hill, will be shut to cars from July 27.

Energy supplier National Grid is carrying out the work as part of a ?4million programme, which began in January, to replace all of Rayleigh’s old metal underground pipes with new plastic ones.

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  • I think it will be interesting to see how the traffic flows with the High St closed, now that Websters Way is two way, maybe it could be left like this.

    Hopefully it will prevent the queues up Crown Hill, but I don’t know if the mini roundabout at Eastwood Rd & High Rd will cope?

  • I will be interested to hear how the Police intend to redirect traffic. The town is virtually gridlocked at some time every day, & lorries have to avoid bridges on London Road & Hambro Hill. There is the potential here for a lot of aggravation & short tempers!
    I suppose the 127 will just have to cope?
    Closure is bound to have an impact on businesses in the High St. Can they claim compensation?

  • This might seem like a minor matter, but what is going to happen to the buses? For those of us who use them it would be nice to know, in advance, where the buses will be stopping.

    Chris, perhaps you could make some enquiries for those of us who are vehicularly challenged?

  • With regard to Buses, I assume the routes up Crown Hill will turn right, then left, with a temporary stop in the loading bay outside Wimpy’s. Routes to the Weir would cut out the High St & Websters Way?

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