Time For Trampolines?

Planning officers are recommending approval for an application for a trampoline centre at 12a Purdeys Way, Rochford. You can download the report here – it starts on page 10. Here’s some extracts:

The unit has an internal floorspace of 900m? and includes a mezzanine floor. There would be a reception area and office space at the front of the building with the remaining area used for trampolines. The mezzanine floor would be used as caf?/waiting area with an adjacent room designated as a party room. The proposed opening hours are 7am to 10pm daily. The application form states that there would be 12 full time employees although not all staff would be on site at one given time due to the shift pattern to cover the proposed opening hours. The unit has 20 existing parking spaces and it is proposed to add a further 20 to the rear of the building to be used as an overflow parking area during busy periods.
The applicant has stated that were the facility to be at capacity there would be a maximum of 30 children/users….

There has been one representation from a neignbouring business:

9 Purdeys Way

We feel that unless the applicant’s have sufficient parking within their own boundary this would put additional pressure on an already bust throughfare. At peak times the road adjacent Rollercity and indeed the Homebase car park which is currently vacant are used for parking as the parking at Rollercity (during peak times) is not sufficient for all of their customers. Therefore
allowing another facility with insufficient parking would only add to the problem and could create safety issues, there are always large goods vehicles delivering to the estate and pedestrians having to cross the estate roads and car parks to gain access to these facilities may create health and safety issue.

  • Further erosion of the industrial heart of Rochford .How is the district going to attract “producing” employment ? It is not attractive because communications are at saturation point. We are becoming a leisure based dormitory area providing disposable employment for the Great Metropolis .This is in the long term unsustainable. Look at most Industrial sites and leisure uses are increasing .With proper planning areas should have been set aside for entertainment and industry should be separated and be encouraged to grow .

  • It’s the same attitude as they have to Rayleigh High St. Any use is better than no use at all. Isn’t proper planning areas and RDC in the same breath something of an oxymoron