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The Local Highways Panel met last Thursday afternoon. It may not be worth giving a full report on the meeting – nothing terrible happened , nothing wonderful happened. However one item was about having a yellow box junction at the the northern arm of the Fairglen Interchange in Rayleigh. A number of people have been pushing to have a yellow box junction there, to stop drivers who want to turn left to Rayleigh from blocking the roundabout. This has now been agreed in principle, but councillors were a bit bemused to hear that this paint job now has to go to one of the design team.

Chris Black queried how long it takes the paint to dry – and was told it can dry overnight, in good weather, He urged that the ‘design’ and the actual painting be done as soon as possible while it is still summer.

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  • Can we try and see if something more controlled can be put in at the junction of Travellers Joy, London Road & Downhall Road. The weight of traffic really does hinder flow especially if you want to turn right from Downhall Road into London Road. How there isn’t more accidents I don’t know.

  • Gary – You are right , the weight of traffic at the Down Hall Road / London Road junction does hinder traffic flow . The only current proposal is from Countryside, who are are intending to put in traffic lights there if they get permission.

    DM – We are talking of the northern arm of the Fairglen Interchange , the one that cones from the Carpenters Arms. The photo is of part of Fairglen.

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