The Highways Secret

Last month we noticed the following story from Hertfordshire:


Herts County Council’s main Highways contractor, Ringway has been fined ?671,546 over the last two full financial years for failing to do the work it was paid for.

In figures exposed by Liberal Democrat Leader and Highways Spokesperson, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, shows that Ringway was fined ?421,321 in 2013/14 and another ?250,225 in 2014/15.
These fines under the terms of the County Council contract relate to failure to deliver work on a regular basis, such as not responding to emergency road repairs, not gritting a route with the target timeframe or working without a road permit…

We wondered if Ringway Jacobs had suffered similar fines in Essex. So we asked a friendly county councillor to ask the question. He’s now been given an answer – but the information is confidential – so he can’t tell us!

  • What can anyone do to you if you divulge the ‘secret’ report? Is it a criminal offence? Will you be banished to a gulag without trial? It is time for a few Clive Ponting’s to grow a pair I think to challenge this culture of secrecy.