The Committee We’ve Never Written About




We’ve never written before about the District Council’s Audit Committee. As you might expect, it deals with fairly dry stuff about auditing. There’s never been any juicy stuff for us to write about here.

Jackie Dillnutt is on the Audit Committee for us this year. And it is an important job. The committee consists of 8 Tories and Jackie – so she has quite a heavy responsibility to keep an eye on things.

If you are interested in audit matters, here’s last weeks agenda

There’s nothing special to report, except that Jackie is doing a conscientious job here, away from any publicity. (When she was studying the agenda last weekend she spotted 3 typing errors and found 2 points that needed clarifying… )

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  • Hi Jackie, Well done for getting on to the Audit Committee. I have only just seen this new posting and have only spent a few minutes perusing the miriad of sections to it. The part I think that is missing is that ‘Rochford District Council will encourage a fully transparent local government’. I believe this type of policy statement would really invite questions from the residents of this district. I am sure that the council would love the people of this district not to question decisions made however I will question all decisions that I believe is not in the interests of the local residents. But in the positive, well done and I am sure you will make a good job on the committee.

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