No 35 Bus Service Reduced




Bad news- the no 35 bus service is being reduced. This is the route from Chelmsford to Southend that goes along Rawreth Lane. So it serves parts of the parish of Rawreth, and the Rayleigh Leisure Centre.

The service will now run every 90 minutes Mondays – Saturdays, but stopping in the early evening. So the last bus from Bedloes Corner to Rayleigh will be at 1821 in the evening. This is not going to help the lesiure centre!

The operators say they are reducing the service because of a lack of passengers.

So it’s the old problem that people complain about road congestion , but still think it more convenient to use their cars than to use a bus. We should all use a bus occasionally, just to keep the services going…

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  • This was posted on the Echo site on the 26th Oct 2007

    can you look in to this and see what is going on

    Commuter woes as Crown shuts down
    By Michelle Archard
    PASSENGERS have been left stranded after a coach company which operates two local bus routes stopped trading.


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