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Ward Councillors have been contacted by residents about traffic issues in Teignmouth Drive, with a noticeable increase in traffic using the road as a cut-through since the new roundabout at Hambro Hill.

Do you live in Teignmouth or are you using Teignmouth as cut-through? Letting us know the issues in the comments below would be really helpful for our Councillors to address these issues.

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  • We live in Teignmouth Drive and the traffic has become unbelievable at times. People always using the road as a cut through, they speed through with no care in the world and traffic builds up along the road if any problems along Rawreth Lane. Residents along Downhall road also use our road as additional car parking as their drives aren’t big enough to accommodate all their cars, which means we can’t always park outside our own home. Definitely needs looking at and either speed humps or shut the road off at the bottom near Exmouth Drive. Safety of school children is paramount as lots of parents park along this road for Downhall Primary.

  • Good point on child safety an issue so important that Essex County Council still have not repaired the lights on the Hambro parade crossing. First requested 12th July. The best solution would probably be reducing width of road to 1 Lane at a couple of points

  • TD resident for 20 years, with the new Rawreth Lane housing and ASDA developments having been the start of noticeable increases in traffic. Will only get worse as more houses built (as per the recently published local development plan)

    Since the new roundabout has been in use there has been a significant increase in traffic using the Exmouth Drive/Teignmouth Drive short cut, with speeding being a serious issue (you get to know the vehicles!).

    Having used the roundabout myself, I can see why the short cut is used, as the journey time is now longer (if you use the roundabout to go from Downhall Road to Rawreth Lane and vice versa). Why anybody would knowingly use the roundabout, when they know there is a short cut (defies logic).

    Neither of the above roads are configured, structured,
    or designed to cater for high density traffic flow – for example:
    1. A number of joining side roads (with limited visibility at the junction with either Exmouth or Teignmouth)
    2. Reduced visibility with parked vehicles

    Teignmouth Drive/Exmouth Drive junction/area:
    1. Too narrow/tight for the volume of traffic
    2. Vehicles commonly mounting pavement
    3. Vehicles commonly on the wrong side of the road
    4. Vehicles failing to stop when turning left into Teignmouth Drive from Exeter Drive (and vice versa)
    5. School:
    Drop off area
    Parents parking too close to the junction
    Increased pedestrian traffic at school start/end times
    6. Limited visibility

    Teignmouth Road/Downhall Road junction/area:
    1. Too narrow/tight for the volume of traffic
    2. Vehicles commonly mounting pavement
    3. Vehicles commonly on the wrong side of the road
    4. Limited visibility when turning into Downhall Road
    5. Used for additional parking by residents in Downhall Road
    6. Tail backs down Teignmouth Drive (to Paignton Close and beyond) – vehicles:
    Waiting to turn right into Downhall Road
    Driving along the pavement to go down Teignmouth Drive (as road blocked coming up)
    5. Dawlish Crescent used as a short cut to the short cut
    6. Articulated lorries using the short cut (travelling up Teignmouth Drive) – sat nav issue?

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