Saving The Punchbowl

It can be difficult for pubs to stay viable. A lot have closed. So it’s not unusual that there’s a planning application in to convert the Punchbowl at Paglesham into an ordinary residential house.

Paglesham Parish council have objected strongly to:

“the proposed loss of an very important local social amenity and one of
the focal points of Paglesham Church”
“the proposed loss of this important tourist amenity, which will no longer
be available for the present and future growth of tourism in Paglesham generally and in particular at Paglesham Church”
The District Council officers are recommending refusalĀ  for two reasons , the first being:

“The change in use of this well established public house to residential

use would lead to the loss of an important local social amenity as well
as the loss of a tourist amenity and would if allowed result in the loss of
local rural employment contrary to paragraphs 28 and 70 of the
National Planning Policy Framework detrimental to local community
and the second being the absence of a Flood Risk assessment.

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    • Bruce, yes there are quite a few places selling alcohol in Rayleigh, as an elected town councillor I am interested in your ideas on how to maintain the retail / leisure mix in the high street and how you plan to attract businesses into the area.

  • Always the same old story, pub closes and the locals up in arms…however if it was that important the locals would use it. Pubs are closing because they charge too much for drinks and its a no no to drink and drive so what do you do ? Easy, buy cheap drink at the supermarket and get a takeaway a fraction of the cost and no worries about driving.

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