“North Of London Road” – Where Are We Now?

As long-time readers will know, we OPPOSED building on green fields in the West Rayleigh / Rawreth area. But after some bitter battles in the council chamber, we lost the vote, and development is slowly but surely going ahead.

Countryside Developments already have ‘outline’ permission on their large site between London Road and Rawreth Lane. This means that they WILL be able to build, but the details still need to be agreed for each part of the site.

They have applied for details for the first stage – which is 192 homes with access from Rawreth Lane. You can find out more on the council website here.

We know a LOT of people are concerned about this, in particular the extra traffic, air quality, loss of green belt, a lack of amenities and concerns about flooding.

As district councillors we normally have to stay neutral until the planning meeting takes , but we very much want your views to be heard and for you to be kept informed…..

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  • I live in Norman crescent and have concerns about the new housing which is going to be built between London rd and rawreth lane how on earth can a small road like rawreth lane be able to cope with all the extra traffic and pollution it takes half hour to three quarters of an hour to get from one end to the other how , and what about doctors schools etc .all countryside are worried about is money in their pockets not about people it’s disgusting .

  • Thanks for your comments Angela, we have been been concerned about these issues for many years now and argued that the various sites in the Rawreth /West Rayleigh / Hullbridge shouldn’t be allocated for development without a traffic impact assessment of all of them combined. But we weren’t listened to:


    Now we are trying to minimise the impact of the traffic – including the construction traffic – we know some conditions could be imposed to help with this.
    We are also monitoring the air pollution.

  • Angela Hubble, for many years we have had, what feels like, completely uncontrolled immigration, we have people living longer and so housing stock is not being freed up and people are having 2,3 or 4 kids with no thought as to how they will be catered for in the future. The end result is a need for more houses wether we like it or not. Countryside and others are just responding to a need. As for the traffic, ( and as I have said many times ) if you are in a car then you ARE the traffic, no good blaming others.

  • @oz I think Countryside are responding to their shareholders demand for profit, first and foremost. Developers have no qualms about housing shortages as they land bank. I’d prefer that the development was carried out by smaller developers, using local labour and boosting the local economy. You are right about traffic though people need to start to think more about just ‘nipping to the shops’ or taking little johnny 10 yds down the road because his poor little legs can’t carry him that far. Where I live (nr Sweyne Park school) I see it all the time.

  • James, agree about little Johnny ( at the risk of a 30 something parent posse burning down Oz towers ) but you have neatly sidestepped my other 3 points….no matter who builds the houses the end result is the same. There are simply too many people living in a small country.

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