Rochford District Council Launches Not So ‘Oven Ready’ Budget Survey




Rochford District Council launches its not so ‘oven ready’ budget survey today, with our quick to notice Cllr Cannell, discovering that it didn’t quite have the correct ingredients.

Having taken to twitter to advise the Council of its error in the wordings of questions, the Council subsequently has republished the amended survey.

The survey will run from now until January 12th (we assume 2020, although no year has been specified!) Hard copies are available from Council offices and Libraries (which are still open, for now)

Give us your thoughts at by Sunday 12 Jan!

This is your chance to influence how the Council spends its resources, shape what we do in the future and help us protect the services we all value.

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  • MMMM – ” Asset Strategy ” is code for ‘selling off
    the family Silver ” and will take a long time , the
    contingency fund is far too high , release some of
    that to address existing crisis !!!. After all Austerity
    is over now and it’s full steam ahead according to
    spin announcements from Central Government …?

    • Jim, we are against the selling off assets for what is short term gains. Investment is needed on a long term basis which will rise in value – not enough thought has been put into this project. Narrow-minded thinking. Look at the idea of selling off the police stations – what will happen when that money runs out, what can you sell off then?

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