Residents And Greens Group Grows To Seven






The Greens and Residents Group on the District Council, led by John Mason and Michael Hoy, has just grown to 7 members. Toby Mountain , Phil Capon and Tracy Capon, who were previously Independents and before that Tories, have just joined the group. The council elections are going to be very interesting in the next couple of years….

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  • Chris,
    Have you thought of joining as an independent after the general election ? There will be little point in belonging to a party with no MP’s. Either that or move to Spain with Euro Claggy and work in his deckchair business….mind you, I’m not sure he could even manage that….???? ( Jim, just for you that one )

  • I know that you are just joshing our hardworking CHRIS but, I did have a similar conversation with him sometime ago – the essence of my point being that when
    opposite a large majority only a an alliance of other parties can hope to win a vote
    in the chamber ???? .

  • Jim / all
    Without a shadow of a doubt Chris Black is the most hardworking and diligent councillor any area could wish for, this ward would be a poorer place without him.

    • More seriously Oz, “work” is activity you don’t want to do. Representing Downhall and Rawreth is a joy, I might have one or two discouraging days a year, the other 360 or so are all a plus to my life. Residents are friendly, officers are helpful. All other councillors treat me in a good natured way.

      The REAL hard work is done by our helpers , who deliver our leaflets. That too can be great fun, on a sunny day, but sometimes when there’s a bitter wind blowing and a load of housework waiting for you when you get back, it genuinely is hard work.

      Some of our volunteers have been doing the job for us for 20 years and Ron, Bruce and myself are forever grateful to them.

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