Remember The Committee System?

Chris Black and Ron Oatham have submitted the following motion, which will be up for debate at the next ordinary Full Council meeting in July:

“That this council welcomes the statement by the Liberal Conservative Coalition Government that they will allow councils to return to the committee system, should they wish to.”

  • I see that the Echo is carrying an article stating that a Conservative Councillor in Billericay is claiming the cabinet system used at Basildon Council is undemocratic.

    Perhaps you could get together?

  • Eric Pickles said in a speech to the Local Government Association in Bournemouth on 6 July

    “You and your voters, should decide how you organise yourselves. Whether you want a mayor, a cabinet or a return to the committee system, I don’t mind. That’s up to you”

    How will this issue of choice get to the voters of the Rochford District to be able to decide?

    Will one of the major political parties make it an election issue across all the contested District Wards in May 2011?

    If not then how is there a choice for voters as Eric Pickles suggests?