Rawreth Parish Council’s Comments On Planning Applications

Rawreth Parish Council have already sent in some comments on the following planning applications:

Planning Application 08/00217/FUL Makro, Rawreth Industrial Estate, Rawreth Lane

Council cannot see any reason why there is a need to increase the store opening times. Council are concerned that if the store were to open at 6am Monday to Saturday local residents would be subjected to and woken by a huge increase of noise, disturbance and traffic including Heavy Goods Vehicles and delivery vehicles which would be in the vicinity of the store and roads such as Rawreth Lane from 5.30am daily. Also the late operating hours would mean the same residents would be subjected to the same disturbance during the evening.

The Planning Inspectorate who recently dealt with the Cricket Pavilion?s appeal for an extension to opening hours said ?this is a rural area and residents should expect it to remain so?, their appeal was subsequently refused. Another concern to Council is the fact that the store is supposedly wholesale only, but it is known that almost anyone, trade or not can obtain a membership card.

Planning Application 08/240/COU Hambro Nurseries Chelmsford Road, Rawreth

Council do not have any objections in principal to the re-use of the building providing the use is limited to storage only. Council are concerned that if the use changed to industrial/commercial it could be the start of another industrial site open to all types of use. As the prospective tenants are not known to the applicant or the Council it is suggested that a condition should be imposed against industrial use and limitations set for storage use only.

Application Number: 08/00280/FUL Former Park School Rawreth Lane Rayleigh Essex (Asda)

The Parish of Rawreth has many residents who will be directly affected by the variation of these conditions, these residents either live on the approach roads to this store, or in very close proximity. Lorries currently servicing the store are already arriving up to one hour earlier in the morning, this includes Asda and non Asda lorries, some with company logos and others with no sign writing visible, all of which Asda has no control over when it comes to arrival times. Residents that live on the approach roads have witnessed lorries arriving at 6.05am, they can be seen driving along Rawreth Lane and then turning into Priory Chase, if this extension is granted it is felt that these lorries will abuse the time frames even further, arriving earlier and earlier for deliveries.

The residents of this Parish are currently subjected to deliveries outside of the agreed times, and as a Parish Council we wish to ensure that this abuse does not extend any further which is likely to happen should the conditions be varied. If the variations are agreed it is felt that the inclusion of the words “on any day” should be deleted as it is vital that a restriction is made to exclude Sundays.

Planning Application 08/00268/COU Newlands Nursery, Chelmsford Road, Rawreth Wickford Essex

Council confirm they have no objections provided the necessary restrictions for use by Horticultural/Agricultural Worker only is imposed.

Planning Application 08/00282/LDC Patten Pools Rawreth Lane, Rawreth Wickford Essex

As A1 use could include the premises being used as a shop Council are concerned that this could involve more traffic movements in and out of the site which is situated immediately on an extremely busy junction with traffic lights, causing considerable difficulty for all traffic. For this same reason Council are concerned that any future use should not entail extra parking

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  • Re Asda planning application. Congratulations to two Priory Chase residents for turning away an ASDA lorrry at about 6.30 this morning. Once again the lorry had turned up VERY early for a delivery, obviously disturbing many residents, particularly on a Sunday morning.

  • Well done to those two residents for challenging the delivery – fortunately for me, the painkillers I am taking for a concussion I sustained on Friday are knocking me out for 10 hours, so slept through.

    This does need to be reported to the planning department at RDC – they can add this to the dozens of letter that myself and my partner have written everytime we have witnessed breaching of planning restrictions.

    I am not however expecting RDC to consider the impact ASDAs application will have on us poor folk that live in the vacinity – indeed, I am expecting RDC to approve the planning application in a bid to reduce the number of complaints they are receiving about out of hours deliveries.

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