Sports Pitches Issue – June Lumley Calls It In To Review Committtee




As we have mentioned earlier, the Council’s Cabinet decided to keep the proposed sports pitches by Rayleigh under direct council control. They decided NOT to lease the land out to a local club.

Now , there are two ways that a decision like this can be challenged:

1. Any 3 members of the council can ‘call it in’ to full council. A vote is then taken by the full council. (though as the Lib Dems are outnumbered by about 33-5, there’s not much point often in us doing that)

2. The Lib Dem Chairman of the Review Committee , June Lumley can ‘call it in’ to her committee.

To cut a long story short, June has indeed ‘called in’ the decision on the sports pitches to her committee, stating the following reasons:

“Public perception is that this item has not had sufficient democratic hearing. The Review Committee will further investigate the financial implications to the Council and implications for funding opportunities which may have been missed for enhancing youth football facilities in Rayleigh.

It would he helpful if financial and other information received from the interested clubs were to be made available prior to the next meeting of the Review Committee. “

June Lumley

A few points to bear in mind:

  • The Review Committee will have a Lib Dem Chairman (which is likely to be June Lumley) and 7 other, Conservative, members
  • The committee is expected to be non-party-political, which is why it has a Lib Dem Chair. There should be no party ‘whip’ on any of the members.
  • The ‘call in’ power is used very carefully and sparingly.In fact it’s the first time this year that June has called anything in.
  • As chairman of the committee , June decides who she wants to hear speak. It’s quite usual for ordinary councillors who aren’t on the committee to still come along and speak, unlike at the cabinet
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