Pressure Continues To Mount As TV Crew Interviews the Save Mill Hall Campaign Group




The pressure continues to mount as TV crew interviews the Save Mill Hall Campaign group over the Conservatives plans to demolish the Mill Hall whilst stripping Rayleigh of it’s community assets and spending its spoils in Rochford.

ITV Anglia have taken up the story and the piece will be shown later on this week. Our Cllr Craig Cannell has been interviewed by the news reporter to explain why saving the Mill Hall is so important for our community.

Will this pour even more pressure on the Tory administration at Rochford District Council to cancel the plans to demolish the Mill Hall after it’s dreadful local election results when it lost the Rayleigh North County Council seat, one of their portfolio holders from Sweyne Park & Grange and came very close to losing more seats all within Rayleigh. To not immediately shelve the plans at the earliest opportunity would be fool hardy for them given the public mood regarding the project.

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  • whilst its great to see this getting publicity, lets not forget that this is only part of their plans to rip the heart out of the Rayleigh conservation area and cram in yet more unsuitable and unwanted development (houses, offices ,flats etc.)

    • I agree with Ron Oatham, Mill Hall is only part of theese awful plans to take away facilities and public open spaces in the Rayleigh Conservation Area. The beautiful gardens behind Barringtons House, at the top of Websters Way, are also threatened with 4 storey town houses if the Tory Asset Plan goes ahead.
      Also on the Conservative demolition list is the Civic Suite, the home of Citizens Advice. It begs the question – if they want new Council Offices why dont they use the Civic Suite? Rayleigh is the biggest town in the district -giving easy access for a large part of the taxpaying population. More ‘environmentally friendly’ than demolishing and carting away to landfill thousands of tons of usable building!

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