Tories Taking Up The Seats




Tonight’s meeting of Rochford District Council was another splendid or shameful display of the Tories believing that they are the only representatives of residents throughout the District. Not only did they take all the Chairman and Vice-Chair positions on the Council committees but they have also taken the full 38 out of a possible 38 seats on outside bodies.

In another shambolic meeting, despite having 38 members of the Council present, officers found it hard to count and ended up with 42 votes at one point. Other procedural voting issues arose which was confidently challenged by Cllr Craig Cannell and supported by RDR member, Cllr Lisa Newport. Voting confusion reigned! Not the first time and we suspect not the last time. With the constitution review being shelved, once again it shows that the current rule book isn’t fit for purpose and these democratic issues need to be resolved.

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