Our Leaflet For Rayleigh North (Chris Black)




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  • I wonder how many of the people who are concerned about pollution from traffic come from households with multiple cars and drive themselves. Yes, too much pollution, not me of course, it’s everyone else.

    • The problem has been made worse by the car manufacturers fiddling their emission figures. These people you allude to may well have tried to ‘buy green’ but have been misled.

  • Well that’s a possibility if they have cars made the Volkswagen Audi group. I don’t think going “green” is a major factor at all in the choice of a second and third car. More like buying, running and insurance costs for the younger members of the family determine the make of car. It’s not the fact that people have more than one car, it’s the fact that they moan about traffic as if it’s somebody else, never them. I have seen a previous post on this site from a person complaining about traffic when they themselves have 4 kids and live in a 4 car household…..

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