Gimme Gimme Gimme A Vote Before Midnight

Just finished a marathon 4-hour district council meeting that just finished at 11:34 pm as weary councillors walked into the night air.

We’ll do a write-up tomorrow. As Abba almost said , “Gimme Gimme Gimme A Vote For Midnight”


  • I went for the Francis Cottee Lodge debate. Several points,
    1. What exactly will the review be about?
    2. Could it mean F.C.L. being used in a different way or by another Council?
    3. Surely a petition on a local issue should only be open to registered voters in that District. I am not saying the petition was wrong but there was a question regarding children signing.
    4. Why did people vote for the review?
    5. Why did the people who had the most to lose electorally over this vote against the review and for the lodge to be used asap for homeless families?